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AIM.VC is a fast track to sustainable growth and international scale.

We invest 100K€ on a pitch deck : submit your project now and let's skyrocket your idea together !


Our Special Sauce

A funding and co-building program to bring ideas to life thanks to our ecosystem of serial entrepreneurs and startup experts.

Customer centric design

All our projects are driven by one golden rule : listen to the customer first.

Rapid testing

We master test campaigns at every development stage, to take action and progress.


We involve senior tech mentors in our projects to challenge the roadmap.

International scale

We set international milestones from day 1 with a global network of partners.

Human capital

We pay a lot of attention to the  alignment of vision & values between founders.

Non dilutive funding

We work with the best experts to support the funding needs of our projects.


Launching global ventures

We strongly believe that innovation can bring improvements in many domains and there shouldn't be any boundaries for technological progress.

We've set up international partnerships with local launchpads to deploy our ventures in the world as fast as possible.


Our AIM is to contribute to a better world by making entrepreneurship more human and collaborative ...


Operational investor and partner

Aim.vc is a new generation seed fund, and we are dedicated to give founders the best financial and operational support.

We created a new model for startup funding in order to drive founders on a path to sustainable growth.

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Latest projects

We bring ideas to life thanks to our experienced team of entrepreneurs and startup experts.

Digital coach

Digital coach for a better work-life balance.

More soon

Rich email platform

Content creation platform for a radically new email experience.

More soon

Gamified elearning app

Peer to peer gamified mobile app for language learning.

More soon