We believe that a new era is coming for venture capital.

We fund real businesses for the long term and for everyone’s sake.

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Our Special Sauce

A funding and co-building program to bring ideas to life thanks to our ecosystem of serial entrepreneurs and startup experts.

Customer centric

One golden rule : co building with end users / customers.

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Human Capital

Alignment of vision, values... between founders.

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Rapid testing

Test campaigns to iterate and progress.

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International scale

International milestones are set from day 1.

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Senior tech mentors involved to challenge the roadmap.

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Non dilutive funding

Access to non dilutive funding (subsidies, grants...)

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We support and fund people on a path to profitability and international scale

track to success

Making sure you're on the right track to success

After years meeting entrepreneurs giving all their time, money and energy on their projects with no results, we decided to create Aim.vc, a funding program designed to optimize your chances of success.

Our secret sauce ? Co-creation with successful entrepreneurs and bootstrap experts.

Creating sustainable businesses

We want to create real businesses.

Real businesses make products and sell them for a profit. They focus on customers, revenue and profitability, not investors, valuations or the next fundable milestone.

Real businesses have a functioning business model, not a believable financial model. They want to stay in business, not run for the exit. They create their own source of funding and don’t have to ask anyone for permission to exist.

Launching new ventures with global potential

We are inspired by innovators and change makers.

We strongly believe that innovation can bring improvements in many domains and we think that in our current world there should be no boundaries for technological progress.

For this reason we've set up international partnerships with local launchpads to deploy our ventures in the world as fast as possible.

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Our Magic Team

An experienced team with complementary skills to explore new opportunities, launch new ventures and scale them.

Aurelien Chouvet

General Partner

Aurelien has worked over 10 years in the innovation / entrepreneurial ecosystem in France, as an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder and recently as the general manager of a startup studio in Paris. Before his entrepreneurial leap of faith, he started his career in the telecommunication industry in China and the United Kingdom.

Mounia Benchekroun

Operating Partner

Mounia combines a strong business acumen with in depth financial analysis thanks to over 10 years in the LBO industry. She is an expert in Human Capital and creativity techniques, and prior to joining Aim.vc, she has worked as a sparring partner for business leaders, assisting them in their strategic repositioning.


Paving the way for your international scale

We've set up international partnerships with local launchpads to deploy our ventures in the world as fast as possible.


Our AIM is to contribute to a better world by making entrepreneurship more human and collaborative ...