Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

A little bit more information about who we are and what we believe in.

What is Aim.vc ?

Aim.vc is a platform that offers a 24-month program catered to novice and serial entrepreneurs, to co-build B to B or B toC projects and turn them into profitable ventures. Very often, ideas are excellent, but the early stage execution of venture building is chaotic and painful.

Over years of experience, we have learned that there are thousands of ideas that can be turned into thriving businesses, at scale, if the founders were completely focused on building the solution to solve a real problem and generating revenue growth instead of struggling finding adhoc support and raising cash.

Aim.vc’s core team and chosen advisors do believe that early stage entrepreneurs are isolated. Beyond the hardship of feeling lonely, it is tedious and exhausting to simultaneously validate a need, develop a relevant solution, calibrate the market fit, build a first team and raise cash without forgetting to eat and sleep.

We aim at co-building ventures along with their founders by processing the idea into a venture manufacturing funnel of stages and seeding Eur100k into projects that can turn into companies which will generate a triple digit sales growth. Ultimately, we aim at making sure that early founders keep control over their equity.

What is your Investment Thesis ?

Our investment strategy is driven by our 5 core convictions :

1 - Real businesses are the best investments

2 - Best investors are the ones that bring value from day 1

3 - Innovation is about progress

4 - There should not be boundaries for innovation

5 - Technological progress create opportunities in many industries

(more to come)

How can I find more about Aim.vc ?

We've put a lot of content on our website but you can also find more about us by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social networks :
- Linkedin
- Medium

Drop us an email for any specific question you may have or come take a coffee at our offices in Paris, Singapore or San Francisco.

Our Ventures

Information on the type of ventures that we're interested in, how we invest, and how we help founders.

Who is a fit for Aim.vc ?

A non exhaustive list of the type of projects we are looking at :

●     France based novice or serial entrepreneurs

●     Pre-revenue or Post-revenue tech, has to be innovative (technology or usage)

●     Strong international potential

●     Founders who value preserving optionality and ownership

Who isn't a fit ?

A non exhaustive list of the projects that are not really the best fit for us :
●     Products that require major investment and extended periods of R&D prior to commercialization.

●     Founders who don't value the importance to keep control of their company.

●     Founders that don’t believe in the potential of co-construction and don't want to share success with their team / partners.

●     Teams that believe good products will just sell themselves.

What are your selection criteria ?

We follow two main criteria while evaluating potential investments :

●     Project / people fit : founders team assessment (soft skills, hard skills, experience, network etc...)

●     Business assessment : we wish we were more innovative on this, but we're quite old fashioned when it comes to assess the potential of an idea. We stick to the startup lean canvas to evaluate the pain and the targets that want to be addressed, the size of the pain (market), the solution and the business model that are envisioned...

There are some other questions that we ask ourselves to complement our analysis :

●     Do they share our values around building scalable, Real Businesses?

●     Does the project have any positive impact of any sort (social, ecological...)?

●     How much money have they raised previously and are those investors incentives aligned with ours?

●     What can they add to the Aim.vc community we are building?

●     How big a business does the founders really want to build?

●     ...

Will you fund someone that has already raised capital ?

Yes, but we'll have to make sure those investors incentives are aligned with ours.

Governance & Support

How we govern and support our ventures.

What are your Investment terms

We communicate all the details of our term sheet upon first meeting with founders.

Do you co-invest ?

Yes, as long as they are willing to sign on to the same investment terms as we use.

How do you assist your ventures ?

We address the 4 main reasons startup fail : no market need, no more cash, not the right people or outcompeted.
For this purpose, we have designed the best funding program to give our founders rock solid foundations for sustainable growth :

●     Upfront funding : 100 K€ (mix of equity and repayable advance).

●     Co-construction : we build your project together, involving end users and the best  experts and methodologies.

●     Rapid scaling : We test an idea, launch a product and scale a business as fast as possible thanks to our in-house experts and global network.

Founders teams are hosted in our offices.

Many founders feel alone in the extremely challenging entrepreneurial adventure. The first way we can help is to let those founders know they aren't alone. Our interests are directly aligned with our founders' and we're dedicated to making them success.

Beside, we provide our founders with match making services in order to connect them with corporate decision makers, qualified potential collaborators, companies and research organisations.

Finally, we help our ventures gaining visibility by organising events and communicating on our ventures with our network (corporates, entrepreneurs, experts, investment funds...).